Privacy Policy

1. INDELAGUE’s commitment towards the Protection of Data Privacy
Protecting the security and privacy of your personal information is important to INDELAGUE, so, in this sense, we conduct our business activities in strict compliance with the law governing the protection of data privacy and the security of that same data. We hope that the policy outlined below will help you understand what data INDELAGUE may collect, how INDELAGUE uses and safeguards that data and the entities with which it may share that data.

 2. Personal data

INDELAGUE won’t collect any personal data about you (example: your name, your address, your phone number or your e-mail address) through the Web sites, unless you voluntarily choose to provide us with your data (example: through records, surveys), or authorize us to use the same, or unless the laws and regulations applicable to the protection of personal data allows it.

3. Purpose of use
Whenever you do provide us with your personal data, we will use it usually to answer your questions, process your order or provide you access to specific information or offers.
If you choose not to want your personal data used to support our customer relationship (especially in direct marketing or in market research), we will respect your decision. We will not sell, or in any other way commercialize your personal information to third parties.

4. Limitations of Objective
INDELAGUE will collect, use or disclose personal data supplied by you online only for the purposes that have been reported to it, unless such disclosure:
a) is a use of personal data for any additional purpose directly related to the original purpose for which the data was originally collected;
b) is necessary to prepare, negotiate and execute a contract established with you;
c) is required by law or the competent governmental or judicial authorities;
d) is necessary to initiate or sustain a prosecution or the defense in a lawsuit;
e) is necessary to prevent fraud or other illegal activities, such as volunteer attacks

5. Communications or Utilization Data
Through the use you do of telecommunications services to access our Web site, your communications data (example: Internet protocol address - IP) or utilization data (example: information on the beginning, end and extent of each access, and information about telecommunications services you accessed) are technically generated and can eventually be related with your personal data. Unless otherwise stated by the user, they are stored in INDELAGUE’s, which is approved by the National Commission for Data Protection.

6. "Cookies" - Information Stored Automatically on Your Computer
When you view one of our Web sites, we may store information on your computer in the form of a "cookie" to automatically recognize your computer next time you visit us. "Cookies" can help us in many ways, for example, allowing us to create a Web site more tailored to your interests or to store your password so you do not have to enter it again the next time you access the site. If you do not wish to receive "cookies", configure your Internet browser to erase all "cookies" from your computer's hard drive, block all "cookies" or send a signal before storing a "cookie".

7. Security
To protect your personal data against accidental or unlawful destruction, loss or alteration and against unauthorized disclosure or access, the INDELAGUE applies technical security measures and organizational.

8. Questions and Comments
INDELAGUE will respond to reasonable requests to review your personal data and to correct, amend or delete any inaccuracies. If you have any questions or comments about INDELAGUE’s policy for the Protection of the Privacy of Data (example: to review and update your personal data), please send us an email to