Indelague celebrates Easter with its employees

Indelague celebrates Easter with its employees

Even though Easter is on a Sunday, Indelague celebrated it with their workers on April 6th, the day before the holiday, Good Friday.

This is the first time that the company marks the festivity offering to its employees chocolate eggs as a gift, which were distributed in an original way by an Easter Bunny.

In addition, it decorated the environment of the facilities so that everyone gets into the Easter mood and spirit.
"It was surprising and fun to arrive at work and come across a beautiful Easter decoration. There were rabbit footprints scattered around the workstations, eggs hanging outside the facilities and phrases of hope and renewal alluding to the festivity" says Rosário Vaz, receptionist of the company.

This is yet another endomarketing action to involve employees, improve the corporate climate and cultivate the organisational culture.

The idea of the commemorative party is to increase integration among all employees so that they feel more at ease in the place where they work and spend so many hours of their day.

"Each happy employee who wears the company's jersey is the result of a lot of effort and, above all, planning with people's well-being in mind" says Miguel Silva, CEO of the Indelague Group.