INDELAGUE Group celebrates 45 years

INDELAGUE Group celebrates 45 years

Indelague - Indústria Eléctrica de Águeda, S.A. , celebrated its 45th anniversary on July 14th and the Board was surprised by its employees with a cake to celebrate the date. In addition, it was also taken by surprise with the showing of an exciting video, a documentary featuring some of the employees with more years in the company who were invited to share a little of their stories within the INDELAGUE Group, and the result could not be any other: a combination of exciting and inspiring stories that helped build these 45 years of the Group.

The documentary was shown in the socialising area so that all employees could watch and remember some images in different contexts. The premiere was also accompanied by a slice of cake and a glass of soft drink personalised with the identity of the anniversary.

The INDELAGUE Group is proud of its 45 years and congratulates each of its employees who made and makes this success story happen.

During the event, Fernando Silva, the company’s Chairman, moved by the video, gave a speech and praised the work and importance of everyone in the success of the company. "To all of you, thank you very much."

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