Indelague was recognized as Top Exports in 2013

Indelague was recognized as Top Exports in 2013

Indelague S.A. was awarded with the “Chancela Top Exports” in 2013 to fulfill the criteria of economic and finalcial performance, condition that allowed the reinstatement of this award, already given last year, according to the program carried out by Banco Santander Tota, D&B and the Business Journal.

The Management of Indelague SA was present on November 12, 2013 in Conference Export Success, Import the Future at the Ritz Four Seasons Hotel, where they held the award ceremony.

Indelague S.A. is part of the ranking of industrial companies, through the application of a   methodology that analyzes the data from D&B and explicitly authorize the Bank to disclose which companies had that distinction. The selection process for the ranking of Portuguese exporting is made ​​up of all large, medium and small enterprises of the Portuguese private sector and export in 2012 and 2011.

According to the program of “Chancela Top Exports 2013” the export profile business is defined by the size of the export volume, based on figures published in the annual 2012. Therefore, the exporting profile are consider all the companies that export a volume bigger than 1 million euros, or that exports equal or greater than 20% of its turnover or companies with a value equal or greater than 2 million and have 10 or more employees.

Source: Santander Totta, Santander Totta International