Empowering a Brighter Future: the event presenting Indelague's new catalogue

Empowering a Brighter Future: the event presenting Indelague's new catalogue

Indelague, a company with high-tech lighting solutions, is holding an innovative event to present its new catalogue, volume no. 15. Under the name Empowering a Brighter Future, the event will introduce customers and partners to the new lighting solutions that the brand has created for the most varied types of spaces, from residential to industrial, including offices and public spaces.

The event started on 10 October and will run until 8 November, for a total of four weeks of activities. Guests can get a first-hand look at the catalogue and explore the new lighting solutions in the completely renovated live showroom, where they can observe and test the products in operation. In addition, guests also have the chance to visit the Indelague factory and see how the lighting solutions are produced with quality and respect for the environment.

The Empowering a Brighter Future event is a way for Indelague to show its commitment to innovation, excellence and social responsibility. The company wants to contribute to a brighter future by offering lighting solutions that improve the quality of life, productivity, safety and energy efficiency of its customers.

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