5th blood donation campaign registers 31 donors

5th blood donation campaign registers 31 donors

On January 9th  Indelague's premises opened its doors for the fifth blood donation campaign, proving once again to be an example of solidarity and commitment to life. Between 9am and 1pm, 43 donors, including employees and members of the local community, joined forces to contribute to this noble cause.

Indelague has been running these campaigns every six months, reinforcing its commitment to helping meet the blood needs of hospitals and raising awareness of the importance of donating.

This initiative was not limited to Indelague employees. The company opened its doors to the community, allowing local residents to also contribute to this solidarity action. This openness to the community demonstrates Indelague's commitment to reaching out beyond its borders and positively impacting society.

Donor participation reflects not only the awareness and solidarity of employees, but also the recognition of the importance of this gesture for the community. Indelague thus reinforces its role not only as a company of excellence in the sector, but as an organisation actively involved in building a healthier and more supportive community.

This achievement is another clear evidence that Indelague, in addition to its commitment to innovation and quality, is a company that puts life at the centre of its priorities.

Indelague thanks all the donors and the community for their support and active participation in this very important cause. Together, we have shown that, with simple gestures, we can have a significant impact on people’s lives.

The next campaign is already being prepared, maintaining its half-year frequency, and Indelague invites everyone to continue contributing to this vital cause.